On April 19, Baltimore police killed an unarmed black man named Freddie Gray. His death kicked off weeks of protests and the latest round of the larger Black Lives Matter movement that has exploded across the United States against racism and police brutality. Today our host Michael Fox speakers with Reverend Heber Brown III, the Pastor of Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in North Baltimore, and an activist in community organizations that address issues such as homelessness, poverty, racism, workers’ rights and social justice. The conversation focuses on the Baltimore uprising. Reverend Brown responds to questions about the structural causes that led up to Freddy Gray’s death; the reasons that protests have been touched off now; corporate media coverage of the protests, the marches and the overall uprising; the truce made by street organizations commonly known as “gangs” to help stop the violence; and where this moment of unity, organizing and action can go. teleSUR


Imaginary Lines – The Baltimore Uprising and Black Lives Mat from teleSUR English on Vimeo.